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Graphical Storytelling

I make the graphics and information design that attract, engage and convince your customers and clients.

You see my work on marketing materials (print and web), original wall art and consumer products. You see it as expressive original art characters and photos, as data visualization and as strategic layout.

Practical Panache

Together, we use communication principles to plan the graphics that tell your story and the design that reflects your brand. My style probably appeals to your customers if it appeals to you. What you get is what you want, so, of course, it looks like you.

I have a system for creating persuasive messages with graphics and design.


MK Colling - chop

Rhetoric is the facility for discovering
in a particular situation
all the available means of persuasion.
~Aristotle, 350 B.C.


The Working Experience

The best word to describe it is sensible. You tell me what you want, I tell you how much, we agree, and I do it. Our discussions are confidential.

Spec service is not available. I work by contract only.

What Do You Want?

To make it work, you and I both have to know that. Design briefs and style sheets are typical formats for defining precise objectives, measurement and aesthetic standards for projects.

I am happy to assist with problem-solving to develop your project description in actionable terms, as a separate consultation; but I do not do marketing research for you.


Most, if not all, of our contacts can take place by phone, email or internet conferencing. There is no need to disrupt your daily routine.


My practice is to include all copyrights in my fee for custom graphics. Compositions that can be altered and reused for my purposes are available for licensing.

Credits are negotiable.

The contract is simple: it reiterates the scope of our planning discussions. It includes a delivery schedule and pre-payment milestones. There are no kill fees. I release my work when a project is paid in full.


I do that when I have a complete description of your project.

No Surprises

My objective is to deliver exactly the art you want, on time, with no surprises. Close collaboration and precise job descriptions are essential.


MK Colling - Rochester NY - Chop

Marketing is applied rhetoric,
the art of communicating
what works to persuade.


MK Colling

MK Colling

MK Colling Communication Services started more than twenty-five years ago as an original research project while I was a graduate student working for my Master's in Communication. My idea was to create a marketing plan based exclusively on The Rhetoric of Aristotle, test it in the real world, and desk-top publish my experience.

Aristotle worked, as did the plan. When I got my degree, I had an already successful art business to develop and expand. Business expanded in the obvious direction for art, but also took a detour into computer and internet technology. Art for its own sake ended up on the back burner, alongside my research report, for several years. Art is back at the forefront now. It's replaced words as my communication medium of choice.

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1987-1990 Start-Up

MK Colling Communication Services Start-up

1987-2014 The End of time


1992-2004 Fine Art & Gallery (Gallery Archive at


1995-2013 Graphic Art (Evedom® Publishing & Licensing), Technical & Marketing plan Training consultation

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MK Colling - Rochester NY - Chop

Communication is a Two-Way Transaction
between a determined speaker
and an engaged audience.


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