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Me Time

"Me Time" is scripted leisure for people who have no hobbies to clear their minds of everyday stress. Possibly it's the invention of early 21st c. marketers and ladies' magazine editors who see opportunity in telling other people what to do with themselves.

The "Me Time" script that inspired this set of art work is the one that prescribes glamorizing oneself and then going outside to write poetry.

Acquire this Art

This set of four "Me Time" digital illustrations is a donation for auction in Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 2018 fundraiser, 6x6 - The International Small Art Phenomenon. (More about the event here.)

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MK Colling is a digital artist who lives and works in Rochester, NY. She offers a variety of visual styles; but, her favorite is this, what she developed as a kid for telling stories without words. Her early inspiration was Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Professional art business experience began with twelve years owning and operating a gallery where she sold her natural media fine art.

From there she grew into an exclusively digital practice in website design, coding and graphics.

She holds an MA Communication and BA English. She taught high school English and worked at corporate positions before starting her art career.


E-mail MK directly: mk@mkcolling.com
or phone 585-454-5141.