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Graphical Storytelling

I make original art and photo compositions to illustrate stories and emotions. My graphics speak louder than words.intend to communicate ideas and emotions.

Practical Panache

My work to looks great in frames on your walls, on the pages of your business communications and on the products you use and sell.


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Rhetoric is the facility for discovering
in a particular situation
all the available means of persuasion.
~Aristotle, 350 B.C.


wedding graphic, MK Colling, Rochester NY

Fred's Wedding


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Marketing is applied rhetoric,
the art of communicating
what works to persuade.


MK Colling
MK Colling

I draw faux people, places, things and settings, and compose them to tell or illustrate stories. I do it to amuse, delight, inform and surprise audience.

There is nothing I like better than to collaborate on art and design with clients who already have stories and projects in mind.

Otherwise, inspiration comes from imagination, what I'm thinking, learning and remembering.

MK Colling Communication Services

My business was an original research project that I designed while I was working on my Master's degree in Communication. My art work was a handy product to promote for the experiment.

When I got the degree, I didn't have to look for a job because the art business was getting successful. I decided to keep the experiment going.

Art business grew into gallery business. Passion for computers and early adoption of internet expanded the business to include the Evedom® Publishing & Licensing division and a professional practice in web design, marketing and business communication training.

The method I use (and teach) for designing and managing complexity is Rhetoric.


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Communication is a Two-Way Transaction
between a determined speaker
and an engaged audience.


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