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This is how I draw. Clean, economical and inventive imagery that says what it means.
Your story or mine.

  • Ladies at tea and 1920's lady MK Colling Rochester NY
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  • MK Colling, Rochester NY - Yoga poster - relax
  • Baby Announcement, Whimsical Art, MK Colling, Rochester, NY
  • Packaging Graphic, Whimsical, R. Pleasure Popcorn, MK Colling, Rochester NY
  • Posters, Dance, Ballroom, Whimsical Art, MK Colling, Rochester, NY
MK Colling chop
Grandparent Cars; early 1900's


MK Colling Communication Services is an on-line company, the source for MK Colling's unique digital imagery delivered in digital file or print format. Physical studio is in Rochester, NY.

More information about MK Colling Communication Services and MK Colling art: Mary Kay Colling archive and EvedomĀ® Publishing & Licensing.

MK Colling, Artist

MK CollingI draw faux people.

My art work is visual communication, graphical story telling in a unique, irreverent style. Its theme is people posing in their worlds at specific moments in time, as if captured by a camera.

Use my imagery as wall art for home and office walls and as surface design for consumer products.

Getting MK Colling art is easy. Just ask. To get started, send an e-mail with a brief description of what you want and how to connect with you, at your convenience, to discuss details.


MK Colling chop

Invite me to make exclusive art work for you or order an art work I've already made.

Flapper, animated, MK Colling, Rochester NY