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Grandparent Cars; early 1900's

Self-Taught Drivers

My grandmother and her two sisters were the first teen-age girls in Rochester, NY, to have their own automobiles. (That was probably because their father raised them on his own, after their mother died, and they ran him around in circles.) They drove their automobiles wherever they felt like going.

When people told her to "get a horse," my grandmother yelled back, "I have one." She did. She drove her automobile right out onto the pasture to visit him when she hadn't ridden in a while.

Her crowning moment as the worst driver may have been the day she scooted around cross-ties and drove onto a lift-bridge while it was being raised for a freighter to go through. The attendant had to lower it again. I can't remember if he let her continue on her way or if he made her back off the bridge to wait. I happened to wonder about it today and started to reach for the phone to ask my mother.

So many photos in my grandmother's albums are devoted to her various automobiles that I made some of them into a photomontage for decorative plates. I came across them today when I was looking through CDs of my art work. They were to be a gift for my mother, but she died before I could order them. That was fourteen years ago.

Her birthday is November 1. My mother is the little girl with my grandmother in my grandmother's Jordan Roadster, top right.

~MK, 10/11/2015


MK Colling Communication Services is an online COMPANY, the source for MK Colling's unique digital imagery delivered in digital file or print format. Physical studio is in Rochester, NY.

More information about MK Colling Communication Services and MK Colling art: Mary Kay Colling archive and EvedomĀ® Publishing & Licensing.

MK Colling, Artist

MK CollingI draw faux people.

My art work is visual communication, graphical story telling in a unique, irreverant style. Its theme is people posing in their worlds at specific moments in time, captured by a camera.

The art shows context and character symbolically and invites you, the audience, to help complete its meaning. It straddles the line between fine and graphic art.

Use my imagery as wall art for home and office walls and as surface design for consumer products.

Getting MK Colling art is easy. Just ask. To get started, send an e-mail with a brief description of what you want and how to connect with you, at your convenience, to discuss details.


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