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  • Dance Performance Posters - MK Colling - Rochester NY
  • Poster for Yoga Studio - MK Colling - Rochester NY
  • Meditating on Goodies - MK Colling - Rochester NY
  • Baby Announcements - MK Colling - Rochester NY
  • Paper Plates - MK Colling - Rochester NY
  • Mailer for Med Spa - MK Colling - Rochester NY
  • Label Designs for Paper Wine Bottles- MK Colling - Rochester NY

Graphical Storytelling

I make original art and photo composition to delight the eye and engage the mind in private conversation.


Practical Panache

My work to looks great in frames on your walls and on the products you use and sell.


MK Colling - chop

Rhetoric is the facility for discovering
in a particular situation
all the available means of persuasion.
~Aristotle, 350 B.C.



MK Colling - Rochester NY - Chop

Marketing is applied rhetoric,
the art of communicating
what works to persuade.


MK Colling

MK Colling

MK Colling Communication Services started as an original marketing project while I was a graduate student, working for my Master's in Communication. When I got the degree, I had an already successful art business and loads of enthusiasm for developing it further. It's still in development.

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Credentials MK Colling Rochester NY
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Fine Art & Gallery (Gallery Archive at


Graphic Art (Evedom® Publishing & Licensing), web design & tech training

digital era

Marketing & web design training

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MK Colling - Rochester NY - Chop

Communication is a Two-Way Transaction
between a determined speaker
and an engaged audience.


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