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Art Direct Your Own Custom Compositions for products, packaging and walls.


  • collage MK Colling Rochester NY
  • Women, Whimsical  MK Colling, Rochester, NY
  • Infographic, Spies in the Skies, Whimsical Art, MK Colling, Rochester NY
  • Women, Forest Animals, Whimsical Art, MK Colling, Rochester NY
  • Baby Announcement, Whimsical Art, MK Colling, Rochester, NY
  • Posters, Dance, Ballroom, Whimsical Art, MK Colling, Rochester, NY
  • Packaging Graphic, Whimsical, R. Pleasure Popcorn, MK Colling, Rochester NY
  • Poster Art, Yoga, Whimsical, MK Colling, Rochester, NY


MK Colling chop

Commission a quirky faux portrait of someone you love.


MK Colling
MK Colling

I draw faux people, places, things and settings, and compose them to tell or illustrate stories. I draw the outline art in Illustrator, so it's expandable, and color it by hand or on the computer.

There is nothing I like better than to collaborate on art and design with clients who already have stories and projects in mind.

MK Colling Communication Services started as an original research project, while I was working on my master's in Communication (Rhetoric). I'm interested in the ways imagery can do the work of written and spoken language.

My research led to twelve years of business as a fine artist and gallery owner and another seven in professional practice, teaching business owners how use their computers to build their own marketing websites.

MK Colling chop

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