Faux Portraits

Meet Colleen, perfect model for having hair and fashion sense that are a delight to draw and color. The first view is an example for a painting how-to book, Let's Color Colleen. Second view came about because I had a new idea for hair. Colleen got a paper doll body. Third view is Colleen and her boyfriend.

Ray wanted brand icon. He got a head shot and full-length body, as well. I drew his from photos, and then drew outfits on it.


Faux portraits are caricatures. They capture essense rather than realistic facial details, to make them faux. Delivered as hi-res art to size for print and web.


Wall art, personalized stationery, web ID graphic


©MK Colling

A tremor in the Force. The last time I felt it was in the
presence of my old master


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